Forex is a financial system involving the trading of currency.  Forex helps investors decide which sets of paired currencies will bring the most on their investment.  The system promotes pairs of currencies against each other and against other types of assets.  This helps individual investors and traders to take advantage of these currency values to make money.  One of the resources used by traders is forex charts which provide a visual explanation for the worth of a currency compared against other currencies or assets.  There are a few strategies which can help the beginning forex trader successfully use these charts to make their trades.

Make Sure The Charts Are Legitimate

When purchasing or obtaining these types of charts, ensure they come from a legitimate provider.  Many forex traders will use the charts provided by their brokerage services.  There are also online brokers who provide investing tools such as these currency charts to help their clients understand currency values and movement.

Use The Right Time Frame

When you are looking at forex charts, you should set a specific time frame.  This ensures the values you are reviewing are relevant within a certain time frame.  A paper chart may be cropped to show only your specific time frame while online charts may be customized to depict only certain time frames.

forex candle stick

Understanding The Forex Charts

As you look at the chart, you will see a line graph.  This graph represents the fluctuations and changes in a currency value of the time period specified.  If the Y axis line shows fluctuation, it is demonstrating how the selected currency performed against a specific asset or currency. The X axis represents the time period.

Look For Certain Chart Structures

As you get more versed in forex trading, start looking for certain visuals within the charts.  These may be used to help predict when which direction future prices may move.

– Candlestick charts show a specific range of traits for a particular trading day.  There is a top and bottom which indicated the currency price movement.  Knowing how to read this chart will help you learn more about pricing than just how it moves over a period of time.

– The Fibonacci retracement is shown when a price spikes or dips and where a reversal of these may indicate a general currency trend. Fibonnaci Retracement

– Check for how a currency moves against moving averages.  These tell you how a currency price has changed over a longer time frame.

It is really important for anyone wanting to trade on the forex market to understand the basics of reading forex charts.  Once you have mastered this vital skill, you can use this information to make your trades and investment.

Knowing how to read and understand forex charts is one of the essential skills required by anyone who wants to trade in forex. This knowledge will help you avoid common mistakes.  This will speed up your progress and enhance your ability to use the chart information to make successful trades.  Take the time to learn this skill and you will be happy you did.

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