Guest Post Wanted

Forex Pay Pal is now officially open for different models of cooperation with people who are familiar with Forex trading, economy, finance and online business in general.
First of all, we are interested to make connections with people who share the same interest as we do. So, if you are good with words, have some interesting ideas and want to share your knowledge with others, our website would be the perfect place for you.

Guest posts wanted!
This is the golden opportunity for all those who want to post on Forex PayPal and say what you have to say. This means that we are now open for all talented writers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience about the topics we are promote on our website.
Although we are not restricted when it comes to topics, we would be delighted to hear something about Forex trading from you.

Why someone would write for us?
Forex Pay Pal is among the leading blogs about Foreign exchange trading, with huge number of regular readers. This means that you will be in a position to promote your business or personal website and target very specific group of audience.

You will get authority, reputable and “clean” link to your website. If you know at least something about the SEO, then you know how this can affect your online business.
Spreading the word about your business and website is something that implies.
Establishing new connections with people should always be your priority. Publishing articles on our website is probably one of the best ways for doing this.

The best candidates
If you don’t know what kind of articles we are looking for, you should read a few from our website. By reading some of our previous post, you will get familiar with the style and quality we want to maintain here. You have all freedom when it comes to writing style, but here are some things you must follow in order to meet our criteria.
Original content is top priority. If you have already published article somewhere else, then forget about it. Your article will not be published.
You should provide images and all other media files.
Although there are no limits when it comes to the size of the post, 300- word article is minimum.
Finally, you should write only about things you would like to read.
Are you ready?